Building New Homes in Norwich, Waterloo and Stratford

Where does a homebuilding company like this come from? In today's fast paced world of flashy marketing, empty words and opportunism, how does a company like Hearthstone Homes rise above its competition and prove itself to be solid, ethical and trustworthy? Like all good things, a company like Hearthstone Homes doesn't emerge overnight. Only long years of experience and labour can find their expression in such a phenomenal homebuilding company.

The story began in 1967 when Louis Veenstra, a licensed carpenter, entered the construction industry. He started as the new guy, on the bottom rung, and quickly earned the respect of his fellow tradesmen. In 1973, only six years after he began working in the industry, Louis started his own framing company called Louis Veenstra Construction Ltd. With his ample experience running a business and working in the field, Louis' rare skill set made him a perfect site supervisor and in 1984 he began doing exactly that job for a local homebuilder.